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Bosasa Head Office Auction Fetches 30-Bar

Blink, and you might have missed it. In a few brisk minutes, the BOSASA, now known
as African Global Operations (AGO), Smart Global Campus and movable assets
fetched just under R30 million.
Head Auctioneer Clive Lazarus of Park Village Auctions, working with Bidders
Choice, says that the proceedings, which commenced at 11 am on Friday the 2 nd of
February, were concluded within 30 minutes.

10 registered and vetted bidders showed formidable decisiveness as they contented
over three lots, excluding VAT and commission, as follows:

  • The renowned 8.2ha Smart Global Campus sold for R29,500,000
  • Office and executive furniture that remained unsold at the initial 2019 auction
    sold for R410,000
  • A 2012 Toyota Hilux (also remaining) sold for R70,000
    The liquidators will use monies realised from the sale to settle debts with creditors. A
    long-awaited payday since the disgraced organisation first went into voluntary
    liquidation due to South Africa’s prominent banks cutting ties, fearing reputational
    risks back in 2019.



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