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Buying Cycads On Auction

An Endangered Species 

Also known as “ living fossils,” cycads have been around for approximately 400 million years, making this plant species older than dinosaurs. CITES have listed cycads in their endangered species list, meaning that cycads are a globally threatened species of plant in decline due to illegal poaching and cycad theft. 

This has resulted in owners and sellers of cycads legally needing to have a permit for their respective cycad plants, according to The Department of Water and Environmental Affairs, to curb the number of illegal cycad poaching and theft instances. 

Where Can You Buy Them And How Much Do They Cost 

Exclusive Cycads have a mix of over 504 cycads and cycad seedlings which they sell online as well as in their physical store in Pretoria with their  E.arenarius RN seedling selling for R780 and their  E. dyerianus RN 32 x 20cm cycad selling for R12 880 each.

There are other cycad stores that offer cycads and seedlings in South Africa as well such as: 

Are There Cycad Auctions In South Africa? 

There are a few cycad stores that run cycad auctions, like Cycad World Of Innovations. They run cycad auctions a few months and their upcoming auction will take place Saturday, 12 November 2022. If you’re interested in participating in this auction, you can contact them here.


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