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Motorists are working around the petrol price by acquiring newer, fuel-efficient models via auctions. That’s the word from Park Village Auctions’ Clive Lazarus, who says auction sales… Read more »

Go Auctions are a fresh auction house that auction used and repairable vehicles, trucks, plant machinery as well as plant equipment.  They run a hybrid of online,… Read more »

Park Village Auctions will bring to market an enormous store of machinery, equipment, and plenty stock related to automotive and electrical cable manufacturing by way of a… Read more »

Celebrity Hair Auctions are a lucrative niche market that has seen various celebrity (present and past) hair strands sell on auction for obnoxious amounts of money. The… Read more »

Stock and hundreds of assets related to grocery storage and delivery must go. That’s the word from Roy Lazarus, Director of Park Village Auctions. “This is an… Read more »

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