Contents of Chip (Naks) Manufacturing Plant

21st May 2021

21st May 2021

12:00 pm To 2:00 pm

2 1st Avenue, Alberton, South Africa

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Contents of Chip (Naks) Manufacturing Plant

Duly Instructed by the Business Rescue Practitioners, we will offer by way of an invitation to Submit Offers:
Chip (Naks) Manufacturing Plant & Equipment, (to be sold separately or as one lot or a combination of lots and the highest bid or combination of bids will be accepted), comprising:

AE Choc Pillow Line:
American Extrusion Extruder; Pillow Filler; Pillow Maker; Mixing Tank; S-Belt; Vibrator; Oven; Cooling Conveyor

AE Puff Line:

Tetrapack Juice Line:
Holding Tanks; Mixing Tank; Partirizing unit; Tetra Pak Machine; Conveyors; Straw Applicator; Boiler

Kiremco Potato Chip Line:
Bucket Elevator; Assorted Conveyors; Flavour Drum; Flavour Applicator; Slurry Application; Vibrators; Fryer; Burners; Blancher; Washer; Slicer; Washers; Slicer; Peeler; Tip Over Elevator

Lavati Pellet line:
Pellet Elevator; Hopper; Vibrators; Fryer; Burner; Heat Exchange; Holding Tanks; Assorted Conveyors; Hopper; Torbed; Accumaveyors

Martini Packaging Line:
Assorted Packaging Machines; Blenders; Assorted Conveyors; Extrusion Extruders; Blowers; Accumaveyor; Fines Cage; Vibrators; Fryer; Burner; Holding Tanks; Shakers; Flavour Applicators; Flavour Drum

Knaks Lines:
Assorted Packaging Machines; Extrusion Extruder; Assorted Conveyors; Blowers; Vibrators; Fines Cages; Fryers; Burners; Flavour Applicators; Flavour Drums; Hoppers;

Chinese Pack Line:
Chinese Packaging Machine; Bucket Elevator; Vibrator

Pouch Machine, Lot Assorted Scrap, 12M Steel Container,


The Business Rescue Practitioners reserve the right to not accept the highest or any offer.



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