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How To Invest In Virtual Livestock / Agricultural Wealth In South Africa

What is Crowdfunding,Crowdfarming?

According to investopedia, “crowdfunding is the use of small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance a new business venture.”

Crowfarming follows a similar principle but when crowdfarming is concerned, the capital being raised is solely for funding agribusiness projects. Similar to how you would buy ETFs or cryptocurrencies on platforms such as EasyEquities or Luno, investing in crowd farming projects follows a similar principle, where you invest a certain amount towards owning a certain amount of equity in a farming project ranging from a macadamia nut tree or even a pregnant cow. 

Founded by Ntuthuko Shezi in 2015, Livestock Wealth is a crowdfarming platform that allows everyone and anyone [above the age of 18] to invest in free – range ox, pregnant cow, macadamia nut trees or connected garden farming initiatives. Basically how this initiative works is you invest the minimum required investment fee towards the farming initiative of your interest. Thereafter, you leave your principal over a certain period of time until your principal has borne interest… The process isn’t rocket science and if you’d like to find out more, check out Livestock Wealth’s How To Video.

Agricrowd Funding is part of many companies owned by the Maximum group and it’s been designed to “give both agribusiness owners and potential investors a platform to raise funds.” Some of the current agribusiness projects they are funding are saffron farm, a poultry farm, a Karoo farm and a macadamia nut tree farm.

Fed Group already offers financial investment / financial planning products such as retirement planning, estate planning and tax free savings products. Alongside these traditional financial products, they also offer their Impact Farming Investment vehicle. In a nutshell, Impact Farming is a “side hustle” where you can invest in agribusiness ventures such as  solar panels, lettuce stacks, beehives, macadamia trees, blueberry bushes or moringa trees for a certain amount that is invested over a specified period of time.

Benefits of Crowdfarming

Some of the benefits of crowdfarming include:

  • Guaranteed projected returns
  • You only have to invest the money and aren’t required to complete the grunt work that comes with owning a farm etc.
  • Can serve as a way of diversifying your investment portfolio basket

How Can I Invest In Crowdfarming?

Each of the above mentioned crowdfarming platforms have a website or an app which you can download on your mobile device from your Google or Apple App store. You’ll then need to register an account which will enable you to select which framing project you would like to invest in / fund. Once you’ve decided which farming project you would like to fund, you’ll be required to pay the minimum amount required to invest/ fund that farming project via eft or your credit card. Once you have paid the minimum amount for your selected farming project, you’ll likely have to wait the investment term till you can reap your investment profits.

If you’re interested in diversifying your investment portfolio and you’re interested in agribusiness ventures, then crowdfarming is for you. Just remember to do your homework!


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