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Most Expensive Collector’s Bank Notes That Sold On Auction

Bank notes that have sold for astonishing amounts of money at auction are usually bank notes that are issued from time to time on an anniversary of an event of a famous person or a prominent state’s person.

According to Conotoxia, the limited circulation of a banknote, the more attractive the banknote is as well as the banknote’s serial number determines the value of the banknote when bought on auction.

The most expensive African banknote is the 20-rupee banknote that was created 100 years ago in Zanzibar. It is assumed that on auction, this note would probably sell for more than €19 thousand (approximately R334 020) due to the note’s limited circulation.

However, the record holder is the $1000 note that was also created 100 years ago in the United States of America. The famous note is known as the “Grand Watermelon” which was sold at auction for € 2.791 million (approximately R49 065 780), making this particular banknote the most expensive banknote to sell on auction. 


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