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Offer Invited: Snack Manufacturing Plant and Equipment

Park Village Auctions is inviting offers to purchase a large potato chip, maize snack and cereal manufacturing and packaging plant.

That’s the word from PVA’s Werner Burger, who says the available assets stem from Carnival Foods (Pty) Ltd, which is currently in business rescue.

Burger: “Most businesses that PVA sells under this banner are simply in need of a capital injection or restructuring to continue operating and therefore represent an excellent opportunity for investors.

“The sale will appeal to a broad cross-section of buyers as the equipment on offer enables manufacturing and packaging of a large variety of foodstuffs.”

Under the banner of food manufacturing and packaging equipment, assets on offer as follows:

  • An AE Choc Pillow line comprising an American Extrusion extruder, a pillow filler, a pillow maker, a mixing tank, an S-Belt, a vibrator, an oven, and a cooling conveyor.
  • An AE Puff line conveyor
  • A Tetra Pak® juice line comprising holding tanks, a mixing tank, a pasteurising unit, a Tetra Pak® machine, conveyors, a straw applicator, and a boiler
  • A Kiremco potato chip line comprising a bucket elevator, assorted conveyors, a flavour drum, a flavour applicator, slurry application, vibrators, a fryer, burners, a blancher, a washer, a slicer, washers, slicer, peelers, and a tip-over elevator
  • A Lavati pellet line comprising a pellet elevator, a hopper, vibrators, a fryer, a burner, a heat exchange, holding tanks, assorted conveyors, a hopper, a Torbed reactor, and Accumaveyors
  • A Martini packaging line comprising assorted packaging machines, blenders, conveyors, extrusion extruders, blowers, an Accumaveyor, a fines cage, vibrators, a fryer, a burner, holding tanks, shakers, flavour applicators, and a flavour drum
  • Naks” lines comprising assorted packaging machines, an extrusion extruder, assorted conveyors, blowers, vibrators, fines cages, fryers, burners, flavour applicators, flavour drums, hoppers
  • A Chinese pack line comprising a Chinese Packaging Machine, a vibrator, and a bucket elevator.

Additional plant equipment includes a pouch machine, a lot comprising assorted scrap, and a 12M Steel Container.  

Burger advises that viewing is essential, appointments for which can be arranged by calling PVA’s head office on 011-789-4375. Viewing will be held on-site at number 2 First Avenue, Alberton North, on Monday the 10th and Tuesday the 11th of May from 09:00 to 16:00.

It must be noted that the assets are to be sold separately, as one lot, or as a combination of lots from which the highest bid or combination of bids will be accepted. Offers are to be submitted in writing no later than 12:00(noon) on Friday the 21st of May to Park Village Auctions.

For more information, terms and conditions, and offer documentation, please visit, web reference listing 713.


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