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Park Village Auctioneers’ 40th Year Milestone!

Park Village Auctioneers is celebrating their 40th birthday this year and this being such an amazing milestone, The Auctioneer met up with Park Village Auctions to find out what Park Village auctions bidders can look forward to for the 2022 calendar. 

The Auctioneer: What can bidders look forward to regarding your 2022 auctions calendar?

Clive Lazarus:  2021 fast-tracked our digital transformation—with huge success for which we are humbly grateful. Our sights are set on refining the platform for improved user experience this year. So, bidders can look forward to an improved online experience.  

As for the calendar, we will be bringing a large variety of repo vehicles to market. This is, of course, driven by current market conditions. Between inflation, the CPI, and new cars’ cost, the second-hand vehicle market remains buoyant. 

It’s hard to comment on the other sectors—namely commercial and residential property, agricultural or specialised equipment—because those are also market-driven. We (PVA) don’t own any of our stock but sell exclusively on our client’s behalf. As such, our calendar is populated according to our clients’ needs. 

The Auctioneer: Looking back to 2021, what are some of the things you would like to change/incorporate more in terms of running auctions?

Clive Lazarus: Our expansion into the online space was a positive move. Looking back, the only change I’d make is launching our online solutions sooner. 

We had our timed, webcast and hybrid auction offerings in the wing pre-pandemic, but they weren’t launch-ready by the first lockdown (or so we thought). 

We held back a few months, adding bells and whistles when we could have hit go with an MVP. 

The reception to these solutions has been incredible. It was wonderful to make a variety of auctions available to more people, more often.  

The Auctioneer: How long has Park Village Auctions been around for? 

Clive Lazarus:40 years! And we are celebrating this milestone all year long. Forty years is a gift not given to many; we see our longevity as a testimony to providing excellent customer service. 

The Auctioneer: What differentiates your auction house from other auction houses?

Clive Lazarus: We’re one of the last true-blue auction houses in the world. I’d hazard a guess and say the last one in South Africa. 

Authentic auctioneers don’t own assets or buy and sell through retail arms. Because we don’t own a single asset that we sell, our interests are undivided. 

We are solely committed to selling on behalf of clients and fetching them the highest possible prices.


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