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High-End, Branded Menswear on Offer

Park Village Auctions is inviting offers to purchase luxury male clothing and accessories stemming from a high-end retailer.

Featured clothing brands include Pringle, Polo, Pierre Cardin, Carducci Men, Roberto Sistina, Crockett & Jones, Bressanin Footwear, Barker, Florsheim, Johnston & Murphy, Scozia, Carlo G, Lorenzini, Vinuchi, Zetagi, Dino Milano, and Zucchini P to name a few.

Assorted clothing and accessories comprise Single- and double-breasted suits; blazers, waistcoats, windbreakers; various formal and casual jackets, shirts and trousers; sweatshirts and T-shirts; knitwear; denim fashion; shorts, sleepwear, formal and casual shoes, sneakers, sandals; underwear, socks, ties, belts, caps, and hats.

PVA’s Elaine Hague says that the quality and quantity of goods on offer represent a favourable opportunity to boutique and niche outfitters. “Smaller retailers, too, now have the change to stock brands that are otherwise costly to import,” she adds.

Interested buyers may view the inventory at PVA’s warehouse facility located at number 8 Prolecon Road, Prolecon, Gauteng.

Offers must be submitted on official PVA documentation no later than 12h00 on Thursday 7 April 2022. Terms and conditions apply. To view the terms, listed stock and obtain an “offer to purchase” form, please visit web reference 933.


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