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Iconic Kosher Butchery For Sale

After a sudden cessation of business, in November 2019, that left the Jewish community reeling, the renowned Kosher butchery, Nussbaums, is now officially available for sale by way of an invitation to submit offers.

Park Village Auctions in conjunction with liquidator, Harry Kaplan of First City Administrators, are facilitating the sale of the entire contents of the iconic butchery.

The sale comprises the contents of the Rouxville butchery as well as the deli and fast food outlet in Glenhazel. The assets have been divided into the following 4 offers:

The entire contents of the kosher deli and fast food retail shop, situated at 53 Ridge Road, Glenhazel, Johannesburg (Lot 1) see map

The entire contents of the Kosher deli and fast food retail shop in Glenhazel, Johannesburg

This includes modern shop fittings, Anvil Apex rotisserie ovens, Bizerba slicers, Freddy Hirsch ovens, upright display fridges, flat top and gas grillers, a cold room with galvanised shelving, under-counter fridges, extractor canopies, modern tables and chairs.

“An opportunity exists here to fill the gap by reopening a Kosher deli or fast food outlet from these premises, but you would need to negotiate terms with the existing landlord.”

Clive Lazarus of Park Village Auctions

The entire contents of the Kosher meat preparation factory, located at 1 Main Street, Corner Louis Botha Ave, Rouxville, Johannesburg (Lot 2)

The entire contents of the Kosher meat preparation factory in Rouxville, Johannesburg

Included here are cold rooms and Danfoss air-conditioning units, stainless steel meat mixers and mincers, pickle injectors, a Handtman sausage filler, a Crown National biltong dryer, a Maurer cooker smoker, Henco vacuum sealers, band saws, stainless steel prep tables, gas chip fryers, gas grillers, and galvanised shelving.

The above offers can be combined into one (Lot 3) should the buyer be interested in all the assets.

SS Ronivan Court, located at 1 Main Street on the corner of Louis Botha Avenue, Rouxville, Johannesburg (Lot 4) see map

The final asset, an income producing property, made up of 3 retail street-front shops and a small meat processing factory. The property measures approximately 1090m2 in extent.

The assets and property can be viewed on Monday 9 March from 10am to 3pm. Offers close on Monday 16 March at 12pm (noon). For more information, interested parties can contact Andrew at


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