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Meet The Auctioneer – Go Auctions

The Auctioneer recently met up with Go Auctions’ Managing Director, Daniel Bezuidenhout as part of the Meet The Auctioneer feature series where Daniel shares his insights about his journey in the auctioneering industry.

The Auctioneer – Give us a little back-story to your business. Who started it?

Daniel Bezuidenhout-  Daniel Bezuidenhout and Brett Grobler, Brett and Daniel had known each other for many years with Brett buying many vehicles from Daniel when he worked at a previous auctioneering company. when Brett heard Daniel Had left the Auction Company he proposed that they partner up to create Go Auctions with the intent to improve on the Auction model.

The Auctioneer – Do you have any pertinent lessons from your years in the auction industry?

Daniel Bezuidenhout – You need to have Thick Skin and be Dynamic

The Auctioneer – What is the biggest achievement you celebrated in the auction industry?

Daniel Bezuidenhout –  Apart from the amazing supercars I have sold it would be the knowledge I have gained about motor vehicles in general.

The Auctioneer – In your opinion, what has been the key to your success?

Daniel Bezuidenhout – Being resilient and not taking no for an answer

The Auctioneer – What’s the most expensive thing you’ve auctioned?

 Daniel Bezuidenhout –  Yellow metal machines and Rolls Royce

The Auctioneer – Care to share for how much?

Daniel Bezuidenhout – R2,750 million ex vat and 5% buyers comm

The Auctioneer – Can you call bids?

Daniel Bezuidenhout – yes

The Auctioneer –  Have you (or any of your other bid callers) ever entered a bid calling competition?

Daniel Bezuidenhout – no

The Auctioneer – Can you explain why the auctioneer chant works?

Daniel Bezuidenhout – The rhythm creates a vibe and atmosphere

The Auctioneer – How would you define a successful auction?

Daniel Bezuidenhout – Sellers being happy with the auctioneer’s performance and buyers satisfied with their purchase

The Auctioneer – What makes a great auctioneer?

Daniel Bezuidenhout – The ability to draw buyers in and go that extra mile to get the best price

The Auctioneer – If you had a piece of advice for an auctioneer starting out now, what would it be?

Daniel Bezuidenhout – It’s a tough industry but if you hold out and work hard it’s worth it.

The Auctioneer –  How do you feel about online auctions?

Daniel Bezuidenhout – It changed the future of auctioneering I just hope it doesn’t kill the talent and skill of real auctioneers.

The Auctioneer – Where do you think the auction industry will be in 1 year… 5 years?

Daniel Bezuidenhout – Everything will be digital and virtual showrooms will be the way to go


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