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Mining Equipment Manufacturing Concern Assets on Auction

Park Village Auctions will soon bring to market assets stemming from a wearing and mechanical parts concern comprising machinery, vehicles, work-in-progress, and general office equipment.

Werner Burger, charged with overseeing the auction, says that the assets on the block will appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers within the mining, construction, and engineering sectors.  

Machinery and equipment to be sold include double-beam overhead cranes, Atlas Copco compressors, welders and Co2 MIG welders, assorted lathes, vertical band saws, horizontal boring milling machines, steel work benches, bench grinders, and a plasma cutter.

A Hyundai drop side truck and Toyota 4-ton forklift make up the vehicle lots of the sale.

Stock and scrap metal comprise work-in-progress and various pumps, motors, and gantries.

Furniture and appliances such as desks, chairs, cabinets, fridges, and microwaves (to name a few) are among the last lots on offer.  

“There is something for everyone involved in and supplying engineering or contracting services. In light of this, we have opened participation to on-site and online bidders,” says Werner, explaining the simulcast auction format.

The simulcast auction will be held on Monday the 4th of July at 10:30 am from the corner of Rudo Nell and Kelly Streets, Jet Park (Gauteng). Bidders may participate in person or via the live simultaneous online webcast.

The asset will be available to view at the same address on Friday the 1st of July from 9 am to 3 pm, and on Monday the 4th from 8 am.

For more information, please visit, website reference 995.


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