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National Year-End Vehicle Auction Set to Top the Charts

Park Village Auctions will host its final car auction for 2022 and expects the sale to be one for the record books! That’s the word from PVA’s director and head auctioneer, Clive Lazarus, who says that affordability and reliability are the names of the game.

Clive, “While new and used vehicle sales are improving, buyers are still exercising caution when it comes to big purchases, like vehicles. Prudent buyers know that year-end sales represent the perfect time to pick up reasonably priced, relatively late model cars.”

It is also no secret that PVA’s national webcast vehicle auctions regularly feature South Africa’s top-selling makes and models. The assets stem from Standard Bank, BMW Financial Services, ABSA Bank, liquidators, and other reputable financial houses.

Clive says that this year-end sale will be no different, and he is confident the sale will draw a large crowd. “All the favourites will be there, from Toyota Hilux and Ford Rangers to Volkswagen Polo Vivos and Golfs, and Toyota Corollas. Other brands that consistently perform well are Suzuki, Hyundai, Nissan, Renault and Kia,” says Clive.

It is no coincidence that the top performers are among South Africa’s most fuel-efficient vehicles. Clive explains that savvy auction attendees often seek out economic cars such as the Renault Duster (consumption listed at 4.8 L/100km), the Ford EcoSport (listed at 4.6 L/100km) and the Volkswagen Polo Vivo hatch (listed at 4.6 L/100km).

The auction will be held via a live webcast on Monday, the 12th of December, from 10:30 sharp.

Viewing will be open on Friday, the 9th of December, between 9:00 and 16:00 at the following locations:

  • 221 Main Road, Martindale, Johannesburg;
  • Quarry Place, Off Queen Nandi Drive, River Horse Estate, Durban;
  • Cnr R64 & Valentia Road, Waterbron, Bloemfontein

To cash in on the Christmas savings, Clive advises that interested bidders register early by visiting, web reference number 1129.

PVA has already set the dates for its January car auctions, namely the 10th, 11th, 18th, and 19th. More information will be available on PVAs website. 


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