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Offers Invited: Stretch Wrapping Machinery

Park Village Auctions is inviting offers on film extrusion machinery related to industrial and retail plastic packaging.

Given the recent boom in eCommerce and door-to-door delivery, corrugated and shrink wrap packaging are in high demand, says PVA’s Natashia Goosen, who anticipates that the assets would be “snatched up” in no time.

The available assets are as follows:

  • A 2012 Dolci FCL 3-1000, high-speed, three-layer, cast-line stretch film extrusion line with serial number: 261010a/b. The item comprises one 150mm barrel extruder and two 48mm extruders, disassembled.
  • A 2018 Amut FCL 5-1500, high-speed, five-layer, cast film line for stretch with serial number: n0030. The item comprises one 150mm barrel extruder and two 48mm barrel extruders with layer configuration A BBB C in the die, disassembled.

Goosen says that “viewing is essential” and encourages interested buyers to visit the PVA storage facility at number 8 Prolecon Road, Prolecon, Johannesburg, on Monday the 31st of January from 9 am to 3 pm.

The offers must be submitted on official PVA offer documents, available at under web reference listing 875, no later than noon (12 pm) on Friday the 4th of February.


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