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Category: Auction Opinion

Auctioneers weigh in on current auction trends

Feb 02
To Sell Or To Auction Your Business in South Africa ?

The 8 day civil unrest and looting that happened in July 2021 will likely affect South…

Apr 22
Leading Auctioneer Shares Insights on Turning Assets into Cash

It’s no secret the Covid-19 lockdown has hit small- and micro-enterprises the hardest.…

Apr 08
What Commercial Property Auctions Will Look like After Lockdown

Park Village Auctions’ Clive Lazarus shares his thoughts on how the Covid-19 national…

Mar 31
Auction Industry Post-Pandemic Predictions

Park Village Auctions’ Director, Roy Lazarus, offers insight into his three major…

Mar 23
Pioneering Through A Pandemic

Park Village Auctions, famed for introducing online auctions to South Africa as early…