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PVA Claims to be SA’s Only Bona Fide Auction House

As Park Village Auctions heads towards its forty-year milestone—a tremendous industry feat—director Roy Lazarus reflects. He says that staying true to its founding principles has cemented PVA’s place as South Africa’s only bona fide auction house.

Lazarus explains: “We are an independent auctioneering company that remains the last true-blue auction house in the country.

“This is seen in the fact that our business offering is purely service-based, only selling goods on behalf of our clients. We own no stock to our name, nor do we have shareholding or vested interests in any other entities that form part of the broader auctioneering ecosystem.
“Without any stock of our own or buy and sell on, we guarantee our undivided attention. We are solely focused on our buyers’ and sellers’ best interests.”

Instead, PVA invests heavily in innovation. Lazarus cites this as the reason that PVA weathered the COVID-19-storm and entrenched its long-held reputation as auctioneering pioneers.
“Since our inception in 1983, we have remained steadfast in our values to uphold the utmost commitment to our stakeholders and continually strive for growth through innovation.

“In this time, we have pioneered several innovations, like real-time asset-tracking and online bidding. We released several new online auction formats during lockdown. One was ‘Hybrid Auctions’ where bidders can park opening bids days before contending in real-time via a live webcast conclusion.”
PVA’s next live online auction is set for the 4th of May, where hundreds of genuine bank-repossessed vehicles will be on the block. Visit web reference 953 for more information.


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