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Welcoming Spring With Flowers from Multiflora Flower Market Auctions

Spring has officially sprung and there’s no better way to welcome this season than with a fresh bouquet and the Multiflora Flower Market is just the perfect place for this.

Located in City Deep, Johannesburg, Multiflora is the biggest flower auction house in Africa where over 600 flower wholesalers from Johannesburg, the Cape, Kenya, Natal and Zimbabwe offer their flowers to the highest bidder during the Flower Shop Auction.

The perfect market for decor and event planners

If you’re a decor or event planner and haven’t heard of Multiflora, you are missing out. Multiflora Market has an extensive list of flower suppliers who offer a different variety of flowers that go on auction for as little as R30. And with the plethora of upcoming events that will be happening this Spring and Summer, Multiflora is the going market for all your floral needs.

How the Flower Shop Auction Works 

The Flower Shop Auction takes place every Monday to Friday from 7 am and basically how it works is that respective flower wholesalers organise the flowers they would like to sell on auction and package these flowers into specific trolleys. The multiflora board then inspects the quality of the flowers that are offered at auction to ascertain that the flowers are of a standard that allows for the flowers to be bought by the bidders.

After the flowers that are going on auction are inspected, they are loaded on the auction computer and thereafter potential bidders are allowed to inspect the flowers before they purchase them. Once all the flowers have been auctioned, the buyers are requested to collect and pay for their respective flowers.

If you’d like to find out more information about multiflora, you can contact them here.


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