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Gold LEGO Brick SOLD For $19 793 (Over R300 000)

The first LEGO brick was introduced to the public in 1949 and since then the LEGO Group has produced numerous Pop culture inspired LEGO sets ranging from Mine Craft to even Stranger Things inspired LEGO sets. It’s no wonder the company was named the Most Influential Brand In The World In 2017 as it seems everybody, young and old, enjoys playing with the sets. 

Naturally, the sets have become a collector’s item and as expected a LEGO collectors community has been growing since. And as with every other collector’s community, LEGO sets have been auctioned to the highest bidder. 

In 2020, a 14 karat gold LEGO brick was SOLD on auction for $19 793 (Over R300 000) by the Catawiki Auction House. According to Brick Fanatics, “ less than 10 of these gold LEGO bricks exist.” The reason for this is because these bricks were in fact the LEGO Group’s “pat on the back” for special LEGO Group employees who at the time went above and beyond for the company. Thus, the chances of having another gold LEGO brick auctioned are pretty slim. 

However, Batman and Lord Of the Rings fans will be happy to know that they can still buy  LEGO brick sets from their favourite toy stores!


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