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Large, Revenue-Generating Commercial Stand on Auction

Park Village Auctions will bring to market a sizable portion of land with an operational pub and driving range on Cornwallis Harris Street, Vanderbijlpark.

CEO Roy Lazarus says that a pending rezoning application on the land and the existing tenants represents a lucrative opportunity for investors.   

“This a generous portion of land, 5.67 hectares, with a favourable position for the commerce already taking place and that for which it is earmarked,” says Roy.

The existing tenants comprise a well-known and frequented pub and grill with a function facility and a golf driving range. There is also an application pending with the local municipality to sub-divide the premises into three portions and rezone them as a public garage (service station) with access from Barrage Road, the R42.

“It is a prime location, really,” says Roy. He continues, “The property is positioned on the residential side of Barrage Road. Should the rezoning go ahead, it will serve the residential community and the industrial concerns on the other side.

“There is an option for the buyer to discuss lease options with the loyal business concerns that have been successfully operating on the premises since 2006.”

The auction will commence onsite at 11 am on Tuesday the 21st of June, with viewing being held one hour before.

For more information, please visit website reference 985.


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