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National Forklift and Distribution Centre Auction Announced

A large assortment of Linde forklifts, forklift trucks, pickers, pallet trucks and more will be brought to market by Park Village Auctions via national webcast auction on Tuesday the 23rd of February.

That’s the word from PVA’s Werner Burger who points out that the auction represents a superb opportunity for warehousing, distribution and logistics operations that need to scale thanks to the eCommerce boom.

“Online shopping has exploded, and we are seeing 3PL concerns scaling their business rapidly to keep up with the demand. Some retailers have even taken warehousing and distribution in house. Anyone that needs to pack and pick stock stands to benefit from enormous savings on otherwise costly capital equipment.” Says Burger.

Linde forklifts to be sold include an E-386-E20PH and an E-386-E20PH electric; H25D, H60D, H30D, and H18D diesel forklifts.

Forklift trucks comprise Linde E-386-E14, E-386-E16C, E-386-E15, E-386-E16C, and IC-386-E20PH electrics; IC-350-H18T, IC-350-H20T, IC-351-H25D, IC-351-H25T, IC-394-H45D, IC-352-H40D, IC-350-H18D, and IC-351-H30D diesel models.

A Linde WH-132-N20 Electric and V48 Electric make up the order pickers on offer.

Under the banner of pallet trucks, Linde WH-1152-T20, WH-131-T20SP “ride-on”, a WH-115-T16 and a WH-131-L16 electric will be on the block.

Reach Trucks include Linde WH-1120-R14, WH-115-R20S electric, WH-1120-R15HD electric, WH-115-R14S electric, WH-115-R16S electric and WH-1120-R20HD electric models.

The last lots of the day comprise Linde WH-127-P250 electric, WH-132-P30 electric and P50C electric tow tractors.

As the auction will be hosted via webcast technology, anyone in the country (or beyond) can participate in real-time from the comfort of their favourite smart device, says Burger.

The webcast auction (a live-streamed auction, with no physical attendance) will commence at 10:30 am on the 23rd of February and showcase assets from four locations countryside, namely Gauteng, Port Elizabeth, KwaZulu Natal, and Cape Town.

Viewing—which Burger notes is “essential”—will be open at all four locations from 10am to 3pm on Monday the 22nd of February. The addresses for which are available on Park Village Auctions’ website at under web reference 677.

Anyone seeking more information is encouraged to contact Werner Burger on or, mobile, 082 418 1664.


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