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Pioneering Through A Pandemic

Park Village Auctions, famed for introducing online auctions to South Africa as early as 2011, once again blazed a trail for the auction industry following their Covid-19 response statement.

“The statement proves PVA’s ability to respond swiftly to the crisis with pragmatic and considerate solutions,”

Clive Lazarus – Director

PVA has committed itself to conduct business with as little disruption as possible, keeping the interests of their clients and bidders front and centre. An excerpt reads:

“Despite the challenges laid before us we are confident that we are able to provide the multi-faceted approach to auctions, as we traditionally have.”

Since issuing the statement, Park Village Auctions announced this week that their next Martindale passenger and light commercial vehicle auction will be an online-only event.

Interested bidders can register online by visiting, auction reference 463. The bidding will start 10H00 the 26th of March, and end at 16H00 on the 27th of March.

Online auctions remain the preferred method for “business as usual” at this stage while the government has requested that citizens self-isolate:

“Park Village is fully capable of providing standalone dedicated internet auction services should the need for absolute isolation arise. Ranging from the ‘timed auction’ type sale to a ‘simulcast live sale’, we can assist our clients in this regard.”

A “simulcast live sale” refers to a virtual, real-time, auction via a live broadcast. The auctioneer presents the lots to his/her online-only participants who bid in real-time against each other as they would on the floor.

PVA’s statement further outlines the hygiene protocol applied at all of the company’s branches nationwide, including several storage facilities. It also explains that should there be any visitors, their particulars are recorded in the strictest confidence and are collected only in the interest of responsible reporting should the need arise.

Looking forward, Park Village Auctions’ statement said:

…we anticipate it [the Covid-19 outbreak] to have a profound negative effect on our economy, with many businesses already creaking under the brunt of load-shedding, economic downgrades and a generally poor fiscal climate.”

“As a direct result of the inevitable spread of this pandemic, we foresee an increase in the number of Business Rescue cases, as well as a rise in applications for liquidations in South Africa.”

The statement concludes with PVA commitment to flexible, responsive service.


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