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Top 3 Most Expensive Sculpture Art Pieces That Sold On Auction

A majority of people who buy sculpture art are people who have a deep appreciation for art and often times buy sculpture art because they were emotionally moved by it. We’ve compiled a list of the top 3 most expensive sculpture art pieces that sold on auction.

1. L’Homme au Doigt (Pointing Man) by Alberto Giacometti

This piece sold for $141.3 million (approximately R2 590 029 billion) in 2015 making it the most expensive sculpture piece to sell on auction to date.

2. Another Alberto Giacometti piece comes in at second place with the piece having been sold on auction for $104.3 million (approximately R1 911 819 billion ).

3. The third most expensive sculpture art piece belongs to the popular Jeff Koons. He has created quite a bit of ballon sculpture pieces and his Orange Ballon Dog sold on auction for $58.4 million (approximately R1 070 472 billion).

Closer To Home

If you’re interested in learning more about sculpture art or are merely just looking to appreciate the various art pieces that have been created in SA, you can always head over to the Anton Smit Sculpture Park to have a look at Mr Smit’s legacy of sculpture pieces. Alternatively, you can also head to the Nirox Sculpture Park to see Hedwig Barry’s sculpture pieces while taking in the breathtaking views.


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