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Fresh From The Box – Top 3 Most Expensive Sneakers That Sold On Auction

There’s nothing that compares to buying a pair of your favourite brand’s sneakers. I bet this feeling is multiplied when you know that the sneakers you have purchased are a rare commodity.

The above-mentioned is the perfect description of a sneakerhead. According to Fashion&Textiles, sneakerheads are individuals who are passionate about the nostalgic features that sneakers possess, thus they collect and trade sneakers with the ultimate goal of adding their new set of sneakers to their collection.

This must be why Kanye West’s worn Nike Air Yeezy 1 Prototype sold for $1.8million, (approximately R32 868 000), making these sneakers the most expensive ones sold on auction.

The second and third most expensive sneakers that sold on auction are Nike Air Jordan 1s, both of which were worn by Michael Jordan and sold for $615 000 (approximately R11 229 900) and $560 000 (approximately R10 225 600) respectively.

I‘m A Sneakerhead, Where Can I Buy Collector Sneakers On Auction?

If you are keen on buying collector sneakers on auction, you should have a look at these websites for their upcoming sneaker auctions:


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